Eliza für Stay With Me! #6 – Hostel Experience

When I was on Ko Phangan, I went to a really lovely hostel. Beside from the laid-back, happy atmosphere and the loving design where you felt like in your own little paradise, I loved their environmental awareness. They give you the possibility to decide between one bathroom where you can have hot showers and another one where you can shower cold, which can be really refreshing with the warm and humid temperatures in Thailand and the better choice for our environment of course. Moreover there are signs in the shower cabins which make you aware of having quick showers as the island has to fight with water shortage. Digression: Although there are light showers and thunderstorms during wet season, there have been times at Thailand’s islands where rainfalls were not enough to satisfy the need for water. The water didn’t come out of the taps anymore. The water shortage is mainly caused due to tourism and the associated wasteful water consumption.