Eliza für Stay With Me! #2 – Seven Eleven

As the cab driver, who was supposed to give me a ride from the airport to my hostel in Bangkok, dropped me off at a random street, because he didn’t understand a word of English, I had to find it on my own. After wandering around for a long time, while coping with the heat and the weight of my backpack, I finally got there.  The first thing I needed now was a fresh cold WATER! As you shouldn’t drink tab water in Thailand, I had to move again to find a shop. When I entered the next 7 eleven I had my first plastic experience. At the cashier I got my plastic water bottle in a plastic bag with a plastic strawl. I tried to indicate the Lady that I wasn’t needing the bag and the strawl. Apparently she understood me wrong, as she just smiled at me. I was wondering if people would actually drink through those strawls on the street as I found it kind of funny. On my whole trip I never saw someone using it though.


When I went to 7 eleven later again I noticed even more random stuff packed in plastic like this single banana.